I like the guidance and feedback, interaction and various methodologies of other Coaches. Also, it was a pleasure being amongst those with a common cause.
The program has offered insight to addictive behaviors and best approach for communication and understanding of first contact.

Hey Cali! I’ve been reading the millionaire mind and one of the exercises was to reach out to someone you know who is very successful and whom you admire. You came to mind.
Here’s what I admire and inspires me about you and your example:

  • you are driven and committed to your dreams and helping others
  • you don’t let others opinion of you distract you from your vision
  • you live a life that is authentic to you and your dreams while still being of service and living within society in your own way
  • you make a lot of money and are still of service in a big way – thanks for the example that both are possible!
  • you are available to anyone – not just those on the ‘same level’
  • you are expanding in new directions consistently and you aren’t afraid to try something new
  • you are compassionate but also have a good sense for b.s. and won’t allow it to slide

It’s inspiring to know all this is possible!


“I found class to be imperative to honing in skills taught by Cali in the live classes. We were able to discuss live case studies, get different viewpoints, and run over other areas we might have needed help with. The weekly meetings hold a safe place where everyone can come to to discuss what they need.”

“I initially reached out to Dr. Estes because my facility was experiencing high AMA rates. We were admitting roughly 30 patients each month, and, on average, 13 were leaving early, against staff advice. As a result, our average length of stay was only 16 days, and our census was stuck around 18 out of 32 beds. Within 2 months of hiring Dr. Cali, we have increased our length of stay to 26 days, and we have reduced the number of patients leaving early against staff advice from 13 to 4 per month. As a result of these changes and some additional marketing strategies she implemented for us, I am happy to say we have increased our census from 18 to 32, and we now have a waiting list. Dr. Estes is professional, detail oriented, and able to focus on what really matters to drive results.”

Cali Estes is a dynamic, informed, and energetic instructor who knows her stuff. Rarely am I engaged by a speaker or instructor, but Cali had me sitting on the edge of my seat for two full days of training. I also took 26 pages of notes! The class was interactive, included homework, and created a community of individuals previously not connected. Thank you Cali for setting the bar!

“Cali Recharges batteries, her training and education is awesome.”

After intensive virtual classroom training with Cali Estes, I along with several other professional football players and baseball players have been sought after to coach everyone from corporate elites, to pro athletes and suburban soccer dad’s. Cali’s Pro Training offers the trainees a roadmap to help clients reach their ultimate goal and her approach meets you right where you are. She’s a leader and is on the front line of an ever changing world. Thanks Cali you are the future to educating the world!… I’m glad to call you Coach!

“I want to thank you again for your help! Literally almost everything thing you said would happen, HAPPENED. The biggest take aways for me where, ALWAYS make sure you are prepared, trust your gut instinct, don’t get disappointed if the person says no at first, and don’t underestimate the power of the bottom line :)”

“Thank you so much Cali!  You are truly an inspiration and your business sense (along with knowing everything addiction & recovery like the back of your hand) had me leaving the course just bragging on you so thank you.  Honestly, I’m thinking about what I can take next from you.”

“I was amazed at the amount of valuable information, helpful strategies and tips that were presented I warmly recommend you!”

“I enjoyed this!  My goal is just to gain more knowledge and have resources in the states that I can feed leads to from my place here in Mexico! Just to make sure I’m referring people to the right sources so we can maximize the success of what we’re doing here! Value Added that’s our goal! Thanks So Much, very impressed with your knowledge, You Got This”