A Mastermind Group is a Collective HIVE of people that come together to assist each other in growing their business and accelerating their personal growth. All large, successful companies have a Think Tank and most of the time a small to mid-sized company will find a Think Tank team out of their reach due to cost. The idea behind our Mastermind Group is affordability and ease of use. A Mastermind Group will also assist you as a LeadGen source and let you showcase your services and products not only for the members to buy but for their clients as well. Think of it as a huge network for you tap into it. Imagine how many resources a group of 100 people can generate.

The purpose of a successful mastermind group is to meet weekly, provide great feedback, set goals, hold members accountable to complete tasks and generate more freedom, more free time and more income for all the members. In business, there will be a piece or a sector that you are excelling at (maybe it is service delivery but you struggle with online marketing and video presentation. A mastermind group will help you tackle your deficit, create an action plan and execute it to generate more business. Create a Tribe you can count on for solid advice, warm referrals, and introductions that you need to get your foot in the door!

Dr. Cali Estes, #1 Best Selling Author, and Celebrity Coach created this mastermind Group out of frustration and spending years trying to find a good business coach and group that could offer value for the price. After hiring one of the top coaches and joining his mastermind, only to learn that there was little to no value and lots of expense, Dr. Cali set out to create her own. She pilot-tested a marketing mastermind course and group in her field of addictions and it was so successful she had to close off membership. She is pleased to open up The Money Mastermind Club to everyone. Her book, ‘The 7 Keys to Tap into the Wealth Inside You: how to Unpause Your Life’ hit bestseller status and she was asked to coach other business owners on how to create, scale and run a business. She has been featured on CNN, People Magazine, CBS, NBC, ABC, KTLA, Forbes, Washington Post, Readers Digest, Huffington Post, Journal and more. She is known as a Celebrity Addictions Coach, the media dubbed her The Female Dr. Drew’ and she has created the largest addiction training and education school in the globe, with students in over 25 countries.

A hot seat is when you get the chance to showcase your talents to the group, pitch yourself, show your services and products and get the group to help you sell, sell sell! A hot seat is important if your product or service needs explaining or demonstrating and also to network and get the other Mastermind members to truly connect with you and your business on a human and personal level. The more they know who you are, and what you are selling they can help promote you and invite warm leads into your pocket.

Click on the Mastermind tab, look at the 3 levels and pick one! Then you will get an email inviting you into our exclusive groups online and also the login to our weekly video chats! We use Gotomeeting (it is FREE to you).

We have 3 levels of commitment from Beginner to Advanced and then we have individual one on one coaching that will take you truly to the next level. Each level of commitment builds on the first level and it is all dependent on how much you want to grow and how much income you want to generate.

    • You’re a business owner, and you crave more money, freedom and free time
    • You need resources BUT you don’t want to break the bank
    • You want warm referrals and are able to give them in return
    • You desire to reduce overwhelm, overload, and overwork
    • You are ready to create and implement an action plan and gain more insight
    • You’re not satisfied with the current status of your business (can you HAVE MORE?)
    • Settling for ordinary is not an option – you want to soar past extraordinary to something even greater.
    • You seek solutions in your personal and business life
    • You’re willing to be challenged and want to GROW
    • You like the idea of having 100 other minds and eyes to help you grow
    You want to #LEVELUP

Discounts are offered in 2 of our Mastermind tiers. Our Ballers group will get a FREE event ticket to the live event.

Private Business Coaching is a 1:1 Deep Dive concept. We offer weekly calls and even an 8 hour in-person DEEP Dive if you want to level up and scale your business. You must apply for this program and call for more details.

YES!!!  Call us at 1.800.435.9098   or email caliestes2015@gmail.com and get your questions answered.