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Our next Mastermind Deep Dive Roundtable is scheduled for March 14, 2020 in Sunny Miami, Florida. Join us for a full day of networking. We will deep dive into your business, help you with any stuck points, get a clear plan and path. Learn from people that run their own companies. You will be able to network, make new contacts, and showcase your company to everyone. Please note, we will have a guest speaker but this is not a speaker conference. It is a working Mastermind to help you gain insights into your specific company, business, and brand.

What you get at this event:

Networking Opportunities (Expand your network)

Overcome Limiting Beliefs (What holds you back)

Find and gain your tribe (you’re as strong as your connections)

Participate in the hive mentality with 30 minutes in The Hot Seat (You get to showcase your business and gain important feedback)

Create a Roadmap to Success

Gain business knowledge, overcome any obstacles

Your ticket includes Breakfast, Lunch and Happy Hour after the event.

Price is $699.00

Early bird pricing is $499.00 if you register by January 1st.


Chelsie is the ultimate connector. A true success story and pioneer for creating a life of change. Once homeless and struggling to survive, she pulled herself up and through the darkest of times to become a flourishing entrepreneur and proud mom of 3 amazing kids.

With only $15,000 and a dream, she started her first center, keeping the goal of helping others in the forefront of her mind. Today she is the owner of three lucrative companies. She is further motivated by every client’s triumphant story and finds joy in leading others toward sustainable growth, happiness, and financial freedom.

Friends and colleagues describe her as a strong mentor/leader who is compassionate, driven, outgoing, reliable, and always encouraging. She is a constant reminder we can tap in, connect, and absolutely nothing is impossible.


Dr. Cali Estes Came from a very poor family and left home in her teens to embark on a lifetime adventure with less than 100 bucks in her pocket. She’s been homeless twice and had a $4.1 million fitness company. She built that company from scratch sitting on her floor with no furniture to the most successful fitness company in the world. After the 2008, crash she went on to start two more successful companies and bust the glass ceiling in her field.

She has hit the pinnacle in the addiction coaching world and the media has dubbed her the female Doctor Drew, the highest designation in the addictions arena. She has also created the world’s largest addiction training company, offering classes online in a virtual classroom-style in over 25 countries with 20 different teachers and over 30 classes.

Cali is a warrior in both personal and business endeavors, had millions of dollars and been broke. She’s the person you want to talk to when you want to make money, expand your business, figure out what you want to do with your life and jump in the fire.

Together Cali and Chelsie have created an event that is not to be missed. Whether you have a business and want to market it or you’re still trying to figure out which direction you want to go but have a general idea this event is for you.