Corporate Leadership Training

Corporate Leadership Training is the key to reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, and creating a happy work environment for your employees to thrive. The more productive your employees are, the more your customers are satisfied, refer you, and the more you increase your bottom line.

We offer trainings, intensives, lunch and learns, and we customize all of our platforms to meet the unique demands and requirements of your company and services.

 Our Goal to Coaching and Mentor Your Employees

Coaching and mentoring is the modern, effective way to get the most from your employees — and to keep them committed to your company.  Our trainings will instill the following for your company and staff.

  • Drive performance results that meet the needs of the group and the business.
  • Increase ROI
  • Decrease sick time and absenteeism
  • Reduce anger issues and offer conflict resolution training
  • Build high levels of employee commitment to your brand
  • Develop employee skills and abilities and discover hidden talents
  • Challenge employees to perform to their best and as self-sufficiently as possible
  • Increase productivity by maximizing your resources
  • Addiction issues (alcohol, drugs, gambling etc) addressed to reduced slack time
  • Build constructive working relationships with your staff from top leadership down
  • Provide leadership skills and independent and hive thinking mentalities
  • Reinforce quality performance and employee accountability
  • Tune Up: For C-Level Executives that needs to clear a few pathways and allow the creativity to flow  
  • Discovering potential mental health issues that may be hindering growth of staff
  • Understanding what the Keys to Success patterns are for each staff
  • Creating short and long-term goals, with measurable results
  •  Addressing any potential issues of drug or alcohol addiction 
  • Understanding staff patterns of communication
  • Utilizing varied approaches, such as motivational tactics, moderate confrontation and/or responsive therapies to tackle latent ambivalence
  • Focus on Return on Investment Strategies (ROI) in both life happiness, money, and measurable success in business
  • Bucket List Creation and deployment

Call for our daily onsite rates and our online rates. Programs totally customized to the company.